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What's Changed?

The original Parts Town app was a helpful tool for tens of thousands of industry professionals who needed access to equipment manuals on the go.

The new app makes part and manual searches faster, checkout smoother, and takes part identification to an amazing level:

PartsMATCHTM 1.0: Bringing Image Recognition to the Restaurant Parts World

Figuring out which part is the right one for your exact make and model can be challenging. Getting it wrong means additional down time and expense. We developed the PartsMATCH feature to help speed up the parts identification process.

Through the use of cutting-edge visual search technology, PartsMATCH allows customers to take 3 photos of their part, answer several brief questions, and get back the top visual matches from among hundreds of manufacturers, thousands of models, and tens of thousands of parts. PartsMATCH is a first for the restaurant parts industry, and among the first visual search applications for any type of parts. And while accuracy is good, we will continue to improve it over time as we refine the search technology and add to the industry's largest library of hundreds of thousands of high-resolution PartsSPINTM 360-degree images.


PartsMATCH Assistant: Fast, Convenient Help from a Parts ID Specialist to Find Your Part

Sometimes even the best technology isn't enough to find the right part. We created PartsMATCH Assistant for just those situations. If you're not 100% convinced PartsMATCH returned the matching part, or if you aren't finding your part through more conventional search methods, you can submit a PartsMATCH Assistant request from the Parts Town app and get expedited help from one of our parts identification specialists. The app allows you to optionally submit photos of your part along with other information such as serial number, voltage, and gas type, and be notified immediately once the specialist has located your part. Choose to receive an email notification or phone call in addition to the automatic push notification sent directly to your app. Click through the matching part to quickly add it to your cart and check out within the app.

PartsMATCH Assistant

Faster Search and Checkout = Faster Repairs & Happier Customers

In addition to the groundbreaking PartsMATCH and existing PartSPIN technologies incorporated in the new app, weve made some other great improvements. Part search is now fully integrated into the app, allowing customers to search by manufacturer and model, part PartSPIN images give you confidence you have the right part the first time. Sign into the app using your login and password to see customer "My Prices" and have access to all your saved address and payment information during checkout.

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