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OEM deep fryer parts: the best selection from Parts Town

Parts Town is proud to offer genuine OEM deep fryer parts for use in a huge range of the highest quality global manufacturers and brands, serving food service operators from all corners of the industry. In our giant selection, commercial fryer parts suited for nearly any application are available for quick and easy ordering, with shipping to get you replacements in a hurry. Regardless of whether your restaurant or food service operation services fine-dining, quick service or industrial clientele, we have the genuine OEM parts for deep fryers to keep your restaurant running smoothly.


Making the choice for restaurant fryer parts should be taken as seriously as choosing the right commercial deep fryer. Just as operators take into account the cost-efficiency, performance and safety of this commercial kitchen equipment at the time of purchase, maintaining the effectiveness of those features requires the use of appropriate parts for deep fryers. OEM commercial fryer parts are designed with the same care and attention as the fryers they go into. Unlike generic substitutes, replacement parts from the manufacturer meet all the specific tolerances to keep your fryer running as intended.

 Genuine OEM restaurant fryer parts protect your investment in the following ways:

·         Reliability – OEM parts for deep fryers in commercial applications are designed to stand up to the heavy demands of the operating in ways generic substitutes will not. Whether it is continued service over thousands of hours, high operating temperatures or demanding consistent outcomes, OEM commercial fryer parts keep food service personnel cooking.  With nothing more expensive than equipment out of service and costing not only in repairs, but potential revenue, making the investment in OEM parts for reliability saves money along with time and aggravation.  

·         Safety – The risks to employee safety and liability for fire are very real with the use of the cheap generic restaurant fryer parts. With oil temperatures running hot, a faulty thermostat or heating element could cost dearly in fire damage or worse, the health and well being of an employee. OEM parts for deep fryers maintain a carefully controlled environment to protect operators from liability, employees from harm and structures from damage. To gamble on anything less is asking to take an unnecessary risk with very little upside in cost or time.

·         Efficiency – Continued time and energy savings should always remain major concerns when facing maintenance or service of a commercial deep fryer. OEM deep fryer parts hasten operating intervals and cut down on energy consumption by heating oil quicker and with less fuel than the generic equivalent. Keeping batches of consistent product produced at a quick rate using less fuel keeps operators and customers delighted. Over time, the investment in efficiency with manufacturer’s commercial deep fryer parts not only pays a dividend in monthly gas or electric costs, but also in customer satisfaction.  

·         Warranty Protection – One of the major selling points for many of the high-quality commercial food service equipment manufacturers are the comprehensive warranty policies covering their equipment. The use of generic parts for deep fryers not only can compromise the quality function of an operators’ fryer, but also void these valuable warranty protections. Rigorous use of OEM deep fryer parts assures operators their equipment is covered in the case of catastrophic malfunction during the warranty period, with the potential to save thousands of dollars in potentially major repairs or replacement. 

Parts Town offers complete access to OEM commercial fryer parts for the leading brands and manufacturers that operators have come to rely on. Some of our partners for the best restaurant fryer parts include globally recognized innovators such as Frymaster, Pitco, BKI and Vulcan-Hart. With a selection parts for deep fryers including the most modern models to back stock of replacement deep fryer parts, Parts Town keeps your operation safe, efficient and firing on all cylinders.

 Insuring this continued safety and energy efficiency of your commercial fryer demands the use of genuine OEM restaurant fryer parts for all routine maintenance and service. With easy ordering, quick shipping and the best customer service from Parts Town, making sure your business is supplied with OEM parts for deep fryers has never been simpler.

 Use only genuine OEM replacement deep fryer parts from Parts Town for your foodservice equipment.  Browse and order from our complete inventory of commercial fryer parts and manuals.