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Description of Ice Forms

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Ideal for mixed drinks, ice displays, carbonated beverages, ice retailing, salad bars, ice dispensing.


  •  High displacement = better quality drinks and increased profits
  •  Unique design eliminated splashing from a bottle or dispensing gun
  •  Liquid flows over the contour shapes smoothly and easily
  •  Individual cubes make handling and dispensing easy


Ideal for carbonated beverages, blended cocktail, salad bars, produce displays, therapeutic uses - health care.


  •  The original, chewable ice
  •  Versatile, cools drinks rapidly without foaming
  •  Helps drinks stay cool longer
  •  Health care facilities use in therapeutic and patient care
  •  Randomly sized bits of ice are actually flaked ice in compacted form
  •  Ice does not stick together - is free flowing at all times


Ideal for bar use, upscale restaurants, waitress stations, banquet service


  •  Distinctively attractive and slow melting for use in mixed drinks and gourmet drinks
  •  Size and slow melting hardness makes them ideal for banquet service when re-icing glasses of drinking water
  •  Non-stick characteristic makes scooping from a bin easy


Ideal for product, seafood, meat displays, blended cocktails, salad bars, therapeutic uses - health care


  •  Dry flakes cool more quickly than other forms of ice
  •  Cooling power is combined with very low production costs
  •  Molds to any shape for use in displays and salad bars
  •  Health care facilities use in therapeutic and patient care