Keep Your Kitchen Green This Earth Day

/ Commercial Kitchens, Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / April 22

Creating an environmentally-friendly commercial kitchen is as easy as choosing genuine OEM parts for your equipment. When you choose Parts Town, you’re getting the genuine OEM manufacturer-approved part guaranteed to keep your equipment running at peak energy efficiency. You’ll also be protecting your employees by creating safe working conditions. Do your part for the Earth and those who inhabit it – celebrate Earth Day with genuine OEM parts from Parts Town.

Here are some other tips we’ve come up with to help make your kitchen more environmentally friendly:

-Replace old equipment with Energy Star products. Energy Star is a government rating awarded to energy-efficient products. Several Parts Town partners, such as Unified Brands, Blodgett, and Cleveland, have earned the rating. When the time comes to replace an old machine in your kitchen, keep an eye out for the Energy Star logo.

-Read the directions on your combi oven carefully. A combi oven is a complicated instrument, and many people make the mistake of using more cooking power than is needed. The best instructions for your oven will be those issued by its manufacturer. Take note of the recommendations given for preparing different types of food.

-Choose air-cooled ice machines. It’s tempting to opt for water-cooled machines, because they run more quietly and don’t give off as much heat. However, air-cooled machines are much more energy efficient. One way to compensate for the extra heat and noise is by running your machine during off-peak hours and turning it off during peak times of day – which creates even further energy savings! Keep this in mind when choosing your kitchen’s next ice machine.

-Replace worn gaskets. If a door is not sealed properly, you’ve got an energy leak. Replacing gaskets regularly will ensure that machines remain airtight.

-Consider a rooftop garden. Green roofs have many benefits, including helping to cool your building, managing storm water runoff, and increasing energy efficiency, to say nothing of providing yourself with fresh produce.

-Keep equipment clean. It’s a no brainer, but clean machines run more smoothly. De-lime regularly using Parts Town cleaning products.

Let us know what you’ve done to Green Up your kitchen!

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