A Hero of Parts Town

/ Parts Town News & Announcements / December 15

Today we celebrate the tenth anniversary of a beloved member of the Parts Town family.

We know Chris R. for many things. During his tenure with Parts Town, he has worked in our distribution center, served independent restaurants, and helped customers at our will-call window. Today, this paragon of versatility specializes in relationships with restaurant chains. His expertise is nothing short of crucial to the success of his team.

“Chris is always the first to step up and offer support to his coworkers,” says team leader Edgar V. “He makes sure nothing falls through the cracks and every detail is managed for our customers.”

Chris has always been one to step up for the sake of others. Several years ago, he assumed responsibility for the Helping Hands program, a companywide initiative that engages in community outreach. Through Helping Hands, Chris has led the way in such efforts as playground builds, the construction of homes, fundraisers for medicinal causes, and gift-giving for the underprivileged.

It would be reasonable to assume that Chris is a career-oriented individual with a philanthropic bent – and, indeed, he is! But there is more to Chris than meets the eye. Those who have worked with him longest know him as a practical joker (and frequent practical joke target), a talented singer, an adventurous style renegade – ask him about his blue hair – and a devoted husband and father.

We’re proud to have Chris on the team and wish him happy ten years. Here’s to the next ten!

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