There are 3 primary criteria used in evaluating potential team members: Talent. Experience. Culture.

There are three primary criteria used in evaluating potential team members:

  • Talent – A major emphasis is placed on the talent level that the individual brings
  • Experience – The least important criteria, but certain qualifications are required for certain roles
  • Culture – Most importantly, the individual must fit our culture and our values (integrity, passion, courage, and innovation).

No experience is required to join Parts Town: in fact, industry experience is strongly discouraged in order to keep industry paradigms out of our culture. Cultural “fit” is the critical hiring criteria and is considered far more important than previous work experience. We will continue to build on our culture in order to achieve sustained differentiation versus our competition and long-term success.

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Discover The Magic Of Parts Town

Caution: Our culture is not for everyone. If you like quiet, prefer hiding in an office, thrive in an individual (rather than team) environment, love to be in meetings all day, are only in it for the money, or if you prefer things the way they’ve always been – this is not the place for you!The process of joining Parts Town typically involves a series of interviews with team members and one or more members of the Parts Town leadership team. Additionally, all potential team members must complete a background check and drug screen prior to joining Parts Town.

If you believe in our values, can commit to living them every day, love change, embrace technology, desire to make an impact on the world, and want to be part of something BIG – Parts Town just might be the place for you.