Catch Of The Year: 2017's 5 Hottest Seafood Trends

/ News & Events, Restaurants / July 13

Perhaps because of the skill and knowledge required to craft a successful entree, seafood is a popular choice among restaurant patrons. Now, as healthier eating captivates the nation, beef takes a backseat to vegetables and fish. So how can you make sure the seafood section of your menu stays competitive?

  • Oysters at the bar. Start your guests off with a splash with these oyster shooters¬†or offer a sharable oyster appetizer to set the tone.

  • Get creative with shrimp. While an old fashioned shrimp cocktail is always great, the expanding industry provides a great opportunity to experiment with this versatile ingredient. Shrimp makes a welcome addition to almost any cuisine – check out these amazing examples!

  • Deconstructed crab rangoon. This popular staple of Chinese restaurants is making the leap to other menus, and chefs are seizing the opportunity to reimagine the dish. Our favorite interpretations include crab dip with wonton chips – a fun shareable treat – and adding creative filling like roe or kale to spruce up the dish.

  • Salmon is king. Among Americans, salmon remains the most popular fish. This can likely be attributed to its well-known health properties – the benefits of omega-3s are very well publicized – and its flavor.

  • Get your greens. Seaweed is having day in the sun this year. It’s hard to overstate the enthusiasm for this healthful, nutrient-stuffed ingredient. Make a salad, a shot, a smoothie, or mix it into hummus – the choice is yours!

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