CHECKLIST: How Foodservice Technicians Can Stay Safe in a Commercial Kitchen

/ Commercial Kitchens, Techs & Service Companies / April 30

Repairing commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment can be a dangerous job. Customers rely on you to take every precaution to ensure the safety of their staff, their facility and your technicians.

Use this helpful checklist to let your customers and techs know you value their efforts to keep everyone safe.

  • Enter and exit the facility wearing PPE (i.e. respirator masks, gloves, face shields)

  • Always ask about social distance requirements prior to entry and avoid shaking hands

  • Wipe equipment with sanitizing wipes before repair and disinfect after you have completed the work

  • Move equipment to a low traffic area for repair when possible

  • Wash your hands and dry them on your own disposable rag

  • Let the customer keep the pen with which they sign your work order or, if paperless, make sure to wipe down your stylus after getting the customer signature

  • Properly clean your tools before you put them back in your truck and wipe down your truck between customer visits

  • Build a sterilization box for your equipment

  • Schedule parts pickup at curbside or deliver them directly to your technician’s home

  • Move company meetings into your warehouse so you can respect social distance requirements

  • Separate your warehouse – one side for shipments and one side for parts pickup

Download or print the full commercial kitchen safety checklist.

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