Commercial Gas vs. Electric Fryers: Which is Right for You?

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Commercial Gas vs. Electric Fryers

Whether it’s a small food truck or large chain restaurant, deep fryers are a must in any commercial kitchen. When searching for a new unit, you’ll notice that there are a wide variety of options, including gas and electric power. While the differences might seem subtle, each feature and function could impact how it fits your kitchen. Before you make a decision, here some details to consider when choosing commercial gas or electric fryers.

Commercial Gas Fryers

A commercial gas fryer heats oil with a burner powered by natural gas or liquid propane. The gas flame heats the burner beneath or on the sides of the frypot.

What are the Benefits of a Gas Deep Fryer?

  • Higher temperatures & faster heat times – If the heating element is powered by natural gas or liquid propane, the fryer can heat up quickly and reach higher temperatures.

  • More high-capacity options – Typically, gas models are available in higher capacities. In fact, some manufacturers offer commercial gas fryers that can hold nearly 130 pounds.

  • Common in commercial kitchens – Whether it’s a large restaurant or small tavern, most commercial kitchens have a natural gas hookup. As a result, most staff and technicians are more familiar with a gas model.

Why Choose a Gas Deep Fryer?

If you operate a larger restaurant or commercial kitchen, a commercial gas fryer should be under heavy consideration. Their ability to heat up oil and food quickly means you can whip up a wide variety of products without hesitation. Also, with high-capacity models that are wide and deep, you can hold more food to meet high demands.

Commercial Electric Fryers

A commercial electric fryer heats the oil with a heating element directly in the oil. The element is powered by a wall outlet or another electrical source.

What are the Benefits of an Electric Deep Fryer?

  • Easy installation – Since it doesn’t require connection to a gas valve, installation and location are very convenient. All you have to do is plug the unit into an electrical outlet and start frying.

  • Space-saving & mobile options – Some electric fryers come in drop-in or countertop models. This is ideal for small or remote commercial kitchens that lack space.

  • Efficient startup & recovery – The heating element in an electric model is submerged directly in the oil. Since it doesn’t heat the frypot before the oil, the process is much more efficient and makes recovery between fry cycles quicker.

Why Choose an Electric Deep Fryer?

Boasting a smaller footprint and plug-and-play design, a commercial electric fryer is perfect for small kitchens, such as taverns and pop-up restaurants. While some models might not have a large capacity, you still can fry up medium batches of French fries, donuts and other items quickly. This model also is ideal for food trucks, carnivals or on-the-go kitchens since it’s difficult to connect to natural gas lines or liquid propane tanks remotely.

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