Our preference is to define culture as simply
The way things are around here!

DIFFERENT—Parts Town is a unique and somewhat unusual place.
FUN—Parts Town is an energetic, up-beat, animated, and fun place to be.
TEAM—Parts Town is focused on team success rather than individual performance.
OPEN—Parts Town is an open environment where everyone is visible and accessible.
FAST—Parts Town moves quickly and is constantly changing. No bureaucracy here!
RISK—Parts Town loves to take risks and encourages team members to try new things.
TECHNOLOGY—Parts Town innovates through customer-facing technology.
DATA—Parts Town is rich with data and shares that data with our customers and manufacturers.
OPPORTUNITY—Parts Town is a place of great opportunity for great people.
FRIENDLY—Parts Town team members have forged friendships with each other and our partners.
WINNING—Parts Town loves to win and celebrate success.

Our culture is the foundation of our past success and our future achievement. Cultural “fit” is the critical hiring criterion and is considered far more important than previous work experience. We will continue to strengthen our culture to achieve sustained differentiation versus our competition and drive long-term success.

Caution: Our culture is not for everyone. If you like quiet, if you like to hide in an office, if you thrive in an individual rather than team environment, if you love to be in meetings all day, if you are only in it for the money, or if you like things the way they’ve always been – this is NOT the place for you!

If you believe in our values, can commit to living them every day, love change, embrace technology, desire to make an impact on the world, and want to be part of something BIG – Parts Town just might be the place for you.