Convotherm Mini Combi Shutdown & Start-Up Instructions

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Convotherm Mini Combi Shutdown and Restart Procedures-Convotherm Logo

There are times you might need to shut down kitchen equipment for an extended stretch of time. Convotherm mini combi ovens have specific procedures to keep equipment clean, safe and ready to roll when restarted. Below are instructions from our friends at Convortherm for shutting down and starting up its mini combi units.

Convotherm Mini Combi Shutdown Procedures

  • Step 1. Complete a weekly clean or deep clean cycle.

  • Step 2. Switch the unit off.

  • Step 3. Clean the air baffles, suction panel, door gasket and door glass manually.

  • Step 4. Leave the unit’s door ajar to allow the cooking chamber to dry.

  • Step 5. Close the water supply lines.

Convotherm Mini Combi Start-Up Procedures

  • Step 1. Open the water supply lines.

  • Step 2. Manually check if cleaning rotor can be turned.

  • Step 3. Switch the unit on.

  • Step 4. Complete a week or deep clean cycle.

  • Step 5. Start the unit up for regular operation.

Download or print the full Convotherm mini combi procedure checklist.

Authorized service agents also are available to help with any thorough cleanings and shutdown procedures. Contact your local service provider for assistance.

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