Fantasy Football for Unity!

/ Culture of Parts Town / January 27, 2012

One of the things that makes Parts Town such a unique place is the camaraderie between employees. We’re more than just colleagues, we’re teammates and friends, and this drives us to support each other in our work and makes us a more cohesive unit.

For the past three years, Parts Town employees have participated in a Fantasy Football league.  For those unfamiliar with the rules, Fantasy Football participants draft their own teams comprised of real NFL players and score points based on their team members’ performances.  Each participant’s team goes head to head with another participant’s team in the league.  The fantasy football season lasts 16 weeks.

The Parts Town Fantasy Football league is a mixture of office and warehouse workers.  The first champ was Mike Collins from the warehouse.  Our 2nd winner was Lee Swanson from the office.  And the newly-crowned king is Matt Duffy from the office.

The Parts Town Fantasy Football league is a great team-building activity. It promotes office camaraderie and employee loyalty, and gives us a fun way to engage in competition. Someday it might be fun to involve our customers in the league as well!

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