3 Easy Football Promotions for Your Restaurant or Bar in 2019

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / August 16

Football Promotions to Try at Your Restaurant or Bar

Sports can be a major draw to any bar or restaurant, and nothing brings folks together like football. Whether it’s college or the pros, the atmosphere is always exciting when fans are watching a game together.

However, the competition on game day can be pretty stiff. Aside from other establishments, there are a lot of networks and streaming services that allow fans to stay home. So how can your place score a touchdown with customers in 2019? Try these football bar promotions and specials throughout the season.

Air More Than Local Games

Many places only cater to the local college and pro teams, and you should too… to an extent. There is nothing wrong with hyping up each game on the schedule or decorating your establishment in team colors. However, not everyone is a diehard fan of the hometown team. Some people are from out of town, and others like to watch players on their fantasy football teams. Airing multiple games throughout the day can help attract more customers to your place. Just make sure to play the local game on the sound system, so everyone can hear the announcers break down each play.

Whether it’s Saturdays for college or Sundays for the pros, a majority of the games air from late morning through the night during the regular season. If you want to air a large number of games at the same time, you may have to purchase a game-day package through your cable or satellite provider. This can be a huge selling point, so make sure to promote it on social media and with signage in your establishment.

Chicken Wings-Football Promotions to Try at Your Restaurant or Bar

Offer Deals and Specials

You probably hear this suggestion a lot. Before you roll your eyes, remember this: The longer people stay, the more opportunities they have to order items off the menu.

The games can keep customers at your establishment, but enticing food and drink specials will give them more incentive to actually order something. Consider deals based on how much someone spends. For instance, you could offer 20 percent off beer and cocktails for each entrée or appetizer over $15. Also, wings and football always go hand in hand. You could offer a special package that gives free appetizers or discounted drinks to groups who order 50 or more wings. Either deal is a win-win because it gives patrons a small discount without hurting your bottom line.

Be a Go-To Spot for Fantasy Football

Fantasy football keeps growing in popularity, and there is no reason why your establishment can’t capitalize. Make your place a spot to host fantasy football draft parties by coming up with deals and unique events. For instance, have drink specials or appetizer deals for groups who make early reservations for their draft party or host special events like mock drafts and Q&As with local sports personalities and experts.

If you want to make yourself THE spot for fantasy football throughout the season, Wi-Fi must be readily available. Patrons will be checking their phones or bringing in laptops to set lineups or check scores.

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