Give A Little, Get A Lot By Offering Free Wi-Fi To Guests

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / December 19

Does your restaurant offer free Wi-Fi to your guests?  If not, you could be missing out on some innovative ways for your diners to help you out.

Many restaurateurs aren’t offering Wi-Fi for free, claiming the high extra cost involved.  This isn’t necessarily true.  In this day and age, the odds say you have internet at your restaurant already.  Allowing your customers access to Wi-Fi only requires a wireless router and a few clicks into your internet settings.

You may ask “What benefits are there to you in giving Wi-Fi to diners for free?”  There are several.

Makes Guests Happy

We’re sure you’ve noticed by now that more people than not have their smartphones out at the table.  According to Toast Tab’s Restaurant Technology report from 2017, 23 percent of guests say the most important technology feature of a restaurant is free Wi-Fi, and that number is increasing.  Get the word out by listing free Wi-Fi on your Yelp! profile or Facebook page to attract guests.

Helps Grow Email Marketing

If your restaurant uses email marketing, or you’d like to start, offering free Wi-Fi is a great tool to increase email address collection.  Simply require diners to enter their email with a pre-checked box opting them in to email marketing.  You’ve now collected a new email address to send your marketing to.  While some will uncheck the box and opt-out, you’ll still have a large number of new addresses to email to.

Inspires Sharing on Social Media

Millennials and Gen Z love to post on their social media accounts.  By offering free Wi-Fi, your diners may become more inspired to posting about and interacting with your restaurant online.  We got some great tips on how to take advantage of the smartphones in diners’ hands.

Go above and beyond offering the normal dining experience. For just a little extra work and money, you can get a lot of benefits out of offering free Wi-Fi in your restaurant.

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