How Social Media Can Help Your Restaurant This Halloween

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / September 30

How Social Media Can Help Your Restaurant This Halloween

Halloween isn’t just for kids and trick-or-treating. From the decorations that rival Christmas displays to adult costumes that look like they’re right out of a Hollywood studio, it’s safe to say people of all ages enjoy the holiday. Your restaurant can benefit from the popularity of the Halloween season.

We offered Halloween promotions for your restaurant, but what about your social media presence? Once the jack o’ lanterns are lit and the skeletons are out, you can use these social strategies to bring the ghosts and goblins to your restaurant.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook’s targeting, it’s easier than ever to reach potential customers with Facebook Sponsored Ads. Snap a wicked photo of your restaurant’s Halloween style, geo-target customers who haunt within an established radius of your location, and let them know what spooky fun you’re hosting. Advertise spooky specials or fiendishly fun events to the people nearby looking for places to haunt. You can even target different Halloween interests, so you know the people your ad reaches will be into fun.


Get the word out about the devilish treats you’re offering for Halloween by using the power of Instagram. Make sure the photos really show off your food. When you’re posting on social media, using the right hashtags is critical to ensuring more people see your post. Be sure to include Halloween-themed hashtags to let the online community know about all the ghoulish goings on in your place.

Instagram Post with a Halloween Burger

Customer Engagement

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  Encouraging your customers to share their experiences from your restaurant on social media is key and easier than ever given that most of your patrons have a smartphone in their pocket.  Create opportunities within your restaurant for your customers to share the haunting good times they are having. Photo booths can be a great way to encourage guests to snap and share some monstrous memories of their time at your restaurant. You can make sure the backdrop features your establishments name to be sure their friends know where the fun is happening.

To really stay on the cutting edge of social media, though, try out a custom Snapchat geo-filter.  For $5-$20 a day, you can create and pushout a filter on Snapchat that is only available to people within a radius of your place. Put your restaurant name on there, along with a Halloween theme, and let the world know where people go to celebrate Halloween through your customer’s Snaps.

With these social media tricks and your Halloween treats, getting the word out to the happy haunts and grim grinning ghosts should be easier than making your ghost costume out of an old bed sheet.

Happy Halloween!

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