How to Calibrate an Alto Shaam Holding Cabinet's Thermostat

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How to Calibrate an Alto Shaam Holding Cabinet Thermostat-Alto Shaam Logo

While the thermostat on an Alto Shaam holding cabinet doesn’t require recalibration out of the box, there are a few rare instances where it might need to be. The thermostat features a sensing bulb that operates on hydraulic pressure. That means if the bulb accidentally bends, it can cause a change of volume and shift the accuracy of the calibration.

The following instructions show you how to calibrate the thermostat on an Alto Shaam holding cabinet. These procedure are applicable for 500-S/750-S/1000-S Manual Control models and 1000-TH-I Cook Hold units.

Test the Thermostat

Check the thermostat to see if it needs to be recalibrated. Start by placing a thermal indicator in the middle of the cabinet cavity. Make sure there is no food in the unit. Holding temperature should be at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. For 1000-TH-I units, cooking temperature should be at 250 degrees.

Let the temperature stabilize at one setting for at least an hour. Wait at least two hours on 1000-TH-I models. Once the temperature stabilize, the center of the cavity temperature’s thermal swing should almost match the dial settings on the thermostat.

Adjusting the Calibration Screw

If the results from your test indicate that calibration is needed, you’ll need to adjust the calibration screw. Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Locate the calibration screw – Look for the screw in the middle of the thermostat’s dial shaft. Handle it very carefully.

  • Step 2. Rotate the screw – Hold the shaft perfectly still and rotate the screw accordingly. Move it a minute clockwise to lower the thermostat setting. Move it counterclockwise to raise the thermostat setting.

  • Step 3. Seal the screw – Once you’ve reached the correct cycling for the thermostat, seal the calibration screw. Use a few drops of enamel sealant on the screw.

Please contact an authorized service agent for more help calibrating a holding cabinet. Check out our collection of Alto Shaam manuals for additional maintenance tips.

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