How to Clean a MagiKitch'n Charbroiler

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How to Clean a MagiKitch'n Charbroiler

MagiKitch’n makes some of the top cooking equipment in the foodservice industry. Its line of charbroilers gives commercial kitchens the ability to make delicious products with distinct flavors that are tough to match. To keep these units running in peak condition, routine maintenance is key. Below are helpful instructions for how to clean a MagiKitch’n charbroiler to perfection.

What You’ll Need

  • Scraper

  • Warm water

  • Mild dish soap

  • Degreaser (weekly)

  • Soft cloths

MagiKitch’n Charbroiler Daily Cleaning Instructions

The following procedure can be used on various MagiKitch’n charbroiler models every day.

  • Step 1. Turn off the unit – Start by turning the burners to the off position. Wait until the charbroiler is cool to the touch before proceeding.

  • Step 2. Scrape the grid – Use the scraper to remove and stuck-on food or grease. Make sure you remove this as thoroughly as possible.

  • Step 3. Wipe down the exterior – Mix a solution of warm water and mild dish soap together to clean the exterior surfaces. Spray the solution on with a spray bottle or apply using a dampened cloth. Wipe the surfaces following the polish grain lines for best results.

  • Step 4. Clean the interior walls – Lots of food and grease get attached on the interior walls. Spray your solution of water and soap using a spray bottle or apply using a dampened cloth. Wipe carefully.

  • Step 5. Remove and wipe down the water tubs – Remove the water tubs from the charbroiler and discard the dirty water. Wipe down the tubs with a soft cloth to remove any excess remnants.

  • Step 6. Replace water tubs and add water – Place the water tubs back in their compartments. Fill each tub with about half an inch of water.

Soaking the Grids Weekly

You should remove the grids from the charbroiler at least once a week to soak in a solution of water and degreaser. This will remove extra stuck-on grease that can’t be scraped off. Follow the label on your OEM degreaser for the right ratio.

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