How to Prime a Hobart Dishwasher

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How to Prime a Hobart Dishwasher-Hobart Logo

When it comes to cleaning dishes, glasses and other wares, Hobart dishwashers are used by a wide variety of commercial kitchens. Multiple foodservice establishments rely on its line of equipment to rapidly wash items. If you need assistance priming your unit, look no further. Below are tips and instructions for how to prime a Hobart dishwasher.

This guide focuses on popular LXe series dishwashers.

How Does Automatic Priming Work?

Once a chemical empties a Hobart LXe series dishwasher, he machine begins to automatically prime the chemical pumps whenever it’s turned back on or starts a wash cycle. The priming process occurs for one minute in the detergent, rinse agent and sanitizer pumps. If the chemical isn’t sensed within that minute, the “ADD CHEMICAL” indicator will flash.

Once a chemical is added or eventually sensed by the machine, the indicator will go off. The pump will then continue to prime for about 10 seconds until it reaches the machine. If all chemicals are empty, only one chemical pump will prime at a time. The sanitizer will prime first followed by the detergent and rinse agent, respectively.

When Will You Need to Step In?

If chemicals aren’t sensed by your LXe dishwasher after three consecutive priming attempt, you’ll notice the “ADD CHEMICAL” indicator will flash and halt priming. When the next wash cycle begins, the “ADD CHEMICAL” indicator will flash again. To help prime the dishwasher, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Step 1a. Check if the chemical bottles are empty. Refill if necessary.

  • Step 1b. If the bottle are full, see if the delivery tube standpipes are inserted completely to the bottom of the containers.

  • Step 2. Reset the priming process by turning the machine off and back on.

If bottles are full and standpipes are okay, either the chemical sensors or pumps have failed. An authorized Hobart technician will need to resolve the issue.

Need more assistance priming a Hobart dishwasher? Check out our collection of Hobart warewashing manuals for additional tips and instructions.

Please contact a local, Hobart authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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