How to Start a Food Stand Business

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Pretzels on a food stand - How To Start a Food Stand Business

Looking to take your business on the road or to your nearest county fair? We can help you find out what equipment you need, how to choose the right stand and how to properly market your brand. So, how do you start a food stand business? Learn more below.

Choose Your Level of Mobility

Not all food stands are stationary. Here are a few options that can help you get started:

  • Kiosk Food Cart – While these carts take a bit more time to set up, they’re perfect for farmers markets and seasonal fairs or festivals. Since they aren’t mobile, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right location for business.

  • Push Cart – Using a manually pushed cart limits your prep space but is perfect for navigating smaller areas and crowds. Typically, you would use a push cart for foods like hot dogs or snow cones.

  • Food Truck – On a larger scale, food trucks offer enough space for a small kitchen. The options are endless with this type of food stand because you can easily customize your truck, prep your food and get your product to local fairs, festivals and more.

Perfect Your Menu

Once you choose the right vessel, you’ll want to focus on creating a menu that’ll enhance your brand and get your name out there. This means designing food that will keep guests returning. Maybe think of selling signature sauces as well! Also, think of branding napkins and to-go containers with a stylish design so folks remember your name even when heating up leftovers.

four tacos on a plate - How To Start a Food Stand Business

Buy or Rent Equipment

The equipment you’ll need to run a food stand will depend on the type of stand you choose. For example, if you choose a push cart, you’ll likely need a table with shelves and a freezer. If you choose a food truck, you’ll need quite a bit more including:

Obtain Permits

Before you start planning your perfect location and placing orders for equipment, you want to make sure you have the licenses and permits that are required by your state to run a food truck or cart. If you only serve pre-packaged goods, the required paperwork won’t be as daunting. For fresh-made food, you’ll need to register your business in all cities and counties where you serve customers food.

You may also want to look into zoning laws and find out what you’ll need to park a food cart in your desired area or even at festivals you want to sell at.

Implement Marketing Techniques

Blast the news of where you’re setting up shop and when you open all over social media, with flyers put up in the area and even on your website or blog. Announce events you plan to attend as well as menu updates or if you choose to move around to a few different locations. Keep everyone in the loop so they know where to find you.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to start a food stand business, what the most profitable concession stand foods are, how to market your business and more, we can help. Read our articles today to get started.

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