Hussmann Deli Case Cleaning

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Hussmann Deli Case Cleaning

When it comes to cooling meats, salads and everything in between, Hussmann is one of the best in the business. Its line of commercial deli cases and merchandisers are used in a wide variety of supermarket and grocery stores. For optimal performance, it’s recommended that these units are cleaned at least once a week. Below are Hussmann deli case cleaning instructions for Specialty Horizontal Merchandisers.

Weekly Cleaning Instructions

  • Step 1. Remove product and debris – Take all food and other product out of the merchandiser. Make sure to remove loose debris as well. This helps avoid clogging in the waste outlet.

  • Step 2. Store product in a cool area – Place all the food and product in another refrigerator or cooler.

  • Step 3. Disconnect electrical power – Unplug the power cord and disconnect power to the unit.

  • Step 4. Clean all the interior surfaces – Use hot water and mild dish soap to clean surfaces thoroughly. Never use steam or high-pressure hoses to clean the interior. Both can destroy the unit’s sealing, causing leaks and poor cooling.

  • Step 5. Clean the fan plenum – Lift the hinged fan plenum. Then, hook the chain in the real panel, securing the plenum while cleaning. Make sure to limit cleaning or rinsing water from coming in direct contact with the fan motors.

  • Step 6. Clean the stainless steel exterior – To clean the stainless steel surfaces, use a soft cloth with warm water and a mild detergent. Always polish with grain of the steel. After wetting, wipe surfaces dry with a separate cloth.

  • Step 7. Let the unit dry and restart – Allow the unit to air dry before reloading and resuming operation. Once it’s completely dry, turn the power back on to start up the merchandiser.

What to Avoid When Cleaning

When cleaning the unit, make sure DO NOT use:

  • Bleach, abrasive cleaners and scouring pads – These can mar the finish of the unit.

  • Salt-based cleaners – These can cause pitting and rusting of the stainless steel finish.

  • Coarse paper towels on coated glass – These can scratch the glass.

  • Ammonia-based cleaners on the acrylic – These can damage acrylic parts.

  • Solvent-, oil- or acidic-based cleaners on the interior – These can stain and damage interior surfaces.

  • High-pressure water hoses – These can destroy the unit’s sealing, causing leaks and poor cooling.

  • Steam – Like high-pressure hoses, this also can destroy the unit’s sealing, causing leaks and poor cooling.

Looking for more maintenance tips? Check out our selection of Hussmann manuals for guidance.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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