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/ News & Events, Restaurant Tips / July 18

It might be time to add some pizzazz to your restaurant’s last-course! According to a report put out last month by Food Genius, “Dessert menuing has steadily increased over the past year at a rate of 1% change” for thousands of chain and independent restaurants. Is your business in that one percent? Whether it be a traditional affair, or a trending dessert—customers are always wanting a delicious treat to make their day.

The question is: what desserts are right for your restaurant? The most popular menued items seem to be some sort of variety on cake or ice cream. People love to see words like “Homemade”, “Creamy”, or “Sweet” paired with their favorite flavors. You have to decide what is cost effective for you, and also what fits in with the flow of your business.

A big trend right now is the concept of “Mini-Desserts”. According to QSR Magazine, these tiny but tasty treats have been gaining popularity since 2006. The idea is genius in that this dessert is 1)low in calories and 2)low on cost. Starbucks has had huge success with their minis, especially their cake pops. How did they do that? They boast that all their cake-pops are all under 200 calories, and they each cost only $1.50. People love mini desserts because they can grab it on-the-go and not feel guilty about it later.

Another thriving trend right now is the mashup dessert. This is the concept of taking two desserts and making them one extra-decadent indulgence. For some, the Cronut, created by mastermind Dominique Ansel, is the first hybrid to pop into their head, but there are so many recipes out there for amazing dessert unions. Peruse First We Feast’s “15 Mashup Desserts to Make at Home” for more ideas here. When customers see a dessert that they’ve never heard of, but combine two things they love, they will be hooked.

Even if you have an ethnic restaurant, you have some great opportunities available. US Foods, Inc recommends, if you own an Italian restaurant, try adding cannolis or tiramisu to your menu. Mexican restaurant? Churros, flan, sopapillas, and dessert flautas are a must-have. Even a seafood or sushi restaurant can offer a red bean cake. Traditional desserts are tradition for a reason, and can be a great addition to many menus. Whatever your choice, enhancing your menu with a dessert option or two is sure to delight your customers!

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