Kitchen Safety Tips For Summer

/ Foodservice Tips, Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning, Tech Tips / June 24

Today, your Parts Town technicians have teamed up to bring us a few kitchen safety tips which, when followed, will help prolong the life of your equipment!

Safety Tip #1 – Ensure proper lighting. The last thing you want is to be using a large commercial machine in the dark. Change bulbs regularly, both inside your machine and external bulbs that light your kitchen. Parts Town supplies a wide variety of bulbs in various wattages.

Safety Tip #2 – Keep your machines level. Check the surface your refrigerator, range, or toaster is sitting on, and make sure it’s flat and even. If it isn’t, you can get wheels or legs that adjust to various heights to compensate. If a machine is on an uneven surface, it may cause food to cook unevenly or sensors to report inaccurate readings.

Safety Tip #3 – Clean your filters! You can clean your grease filters using degreaser available via Air and water filters should have their cartridges changed regularly – consult your owner’s manual to find out how often the manufacturer recommends doing this. If you do not have an owner’s manual, you can obtain one on this website or by giving us a call.

Safety Tip #4 – While you’re cleaning stuff, just go ahead and clean the whole machine. Preventative maintenance is very important to a well-run piece of equipment. Parts Town can provide you with OEM maintenance kits.

Safety Tip #5 – Teflon release sheets should be cleaned daily. If this is neglected, buildup on the sheets can cause them to crack. Ensure their longevity – and the cleanliness of your food! – by following this simple tip.

Special thanks to the Parts Town Tech Team for their advice!

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