Kolpak Walk-In Cooler Thermometer Testing & Calibration

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Kolpak Thermometer-Kolpak Walk-In Cooler Thermometer Testing & Calibration

Your Kolpak walk-in cooler is a vital part of your commercial kitchen; not only does it keep food, drinks and other ingredients cold, but it also keeps them at a safe temperature. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that the thermometer on your walk-in cooler remains accurate, otherwise you could run into some serious issues.

Below are steps on how to properly test and calibrate a Kolpak walk-in cooler thermometer. This testing and calibration method is ideal for the MAC, Drop-In and Polar Pack Series of walk-in coolers. For a full overview, check out the video tutorial by our friends at Kolpak.

How to Test and Recalibrate a Kolpak Walk-In Cooler Thermometer

  • Step 1—Prepare a mixture of crushed ice and water in a cup or bowl to create a slush.

  • Step 2—Place the thermometer bulb into the slush and check the reading. The thermometer should reach 32° F. If the thermometer doesn’t reach 32° F, it will need to be recalibrated.

  • Step 3—If recalibration is needed, start by removing the face cover from the thermometer by gently prying it off with a flathead screwdriver or twisting it off.

    • NOTE: Take care when removing the cover so as to not damage it.

  • Step 4—Carefully hold the pointer as you insert a flathead screwdriver into the pointer slot. Slowly turn it clockwise for a lower temperature, or counter-clockwise for a higher temperature.

  • Step 5—Once the thermometer has been recalibrated to the appropriate temperature measurement, reinstall the thermometer cover gently.

Should you need to troubleshoot or lookup additional care instructions or procedures, use our extensive library of Kolpak manuals for assistance.

Please contact a local factory authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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