Mangover Your Menu

/ News & Events / June 24

Are mangoes a part of your menu? The National Mango Board hopes to educate chefs and restaurateurs on creative ways to prepare fresh mangoes, as well as how to handle them correctly.

Now, thanks to the Board’s hard work, mango dishes are appearing on more and more menus across the country. The unique flavor and texture serve as an enhancement to many dishes and provide myriad possibilities for menu innovation.

In addition to its online videos demonstrating mango preparation techniques, the Board has staged in-kitchen demonstrations at several restaurants. The goal is to inspire chefs to use mangoes in new and exciting ways and spread mango awareness.

The Mangover Your Menu recipe contest recently challenged chefs to present original dishes or reinvent old recipes using fresh mango. The top prize went to Chef Michael Garahan of Joliet Illinois, for his shrimp and mango gumbo.

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