Parts Town’s App – A Realtime Adventure

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / November 3

Okay, everyone. I did you a favor.

In honor of the much-anticipated launch of Parts Town’s new app for iPhone and Android, I’m going to take you through a realtime test drive of the software. We’re going to discover just how easy it is to download and use the app.

4:15 – I’m about to download the app. Readers should note that I’m doing this on my iPhone, and Android users will probably have a slightly different experience. As for me, I just typed “Parts Town” into the app finder on my phone, and our logo popped up. Hey, it’s free! Free stuff is great.

4:19 – The app is up and running. The very first thing that comes up is a screen offering to find equipment manuals. I can choose by manufacturer and refine my search according to model number. I’m pulling up a manual for a Beverage Air BM23, something customers ask about pretty frequently. Wow, this is going to make my job easier too! The app is even easier to use than our website, which is a pretty bold statement. I love our website.

Out of curiosity, I searched for more Beverage Air manuals. It wouldn’t be so great if only the most common ones were available. But it looks like the app offers every manual available on our website, so if you’ve been using to find manuals, this is going to work great for you.

This is my first time handling this software, by the way. I’m on equal footing with everyone else. And if I can do it, so can you!

4:23 – But what if I don’t want a manual? Can this app do anything else?

Across the bottom of the screen are three icons. The first one says “Search” – that’s the one I’ve been using. Just to keep this organized, I’ll try the next icon to the right. It’s called “My Manuals.” This seems to be an auto-save feature that keeps track of which manuals I’ve been looking at so that I can find them again. When I pull up My Manuals, I can get directly to a previously viewed manual without having to look it up again. I can see how this would be really useful to someone who regularly orders parts for the same type of equipment. Heck, I wish I had this for my DVD player. Then I could troubleshoot it directly from my handheld device, instead of fishing old manuals out of the closet every time I had a problem.

– The last navigational icon reads “” When I select this one, it takes me right to the Parts Town homepage. This is convenient, because it lets me search for parts by part number or description, the same way I might if I was actually using an internet browser. I can also register for the site, place an order, and link to manufacturer websites.

My first experience with the Parts Town app has been instructive and useful. But don’t take my word for it, go download it for yourself. It’s absolutely free, easy to use, and sure to make your life easier.

– Kat Gasikowski

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