Peanut Allergy Alternatives

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / September 13

Today is National Peanut Day, a day to celebrate one of America’s favorite snacks! The peanut is native to South America and, as many are aware, it’s not actually a nut! Peanuts are properly classified as legumes, just like beans and peas.

Peanuts are also the culprit behind one of the world’s most common food allergies.

But never fear! If you live with an allergy to peanuts, there are plenty of alternatives that might allow you to check out the traditionally peanutty recipes you may have had to skip so far. Those with a history of food allergies should consult their doctor before trying a new food.

  • Sunflower butter can replace peanut butter in your diet. Sun butter, as it’s often known, is lower in fat in addition to being nut-free. It’s available in both crunchy and creamy varieties and works great for dipping or sandwiches. Sun butter even makes a great cookie!

  • Other spreads such as cream cheese, hummus, or guacamole. Take the time to ensure that these substitutions don’t contain ingredients that will trigger your allergies. If not, they are flavorful alternatives to peanut butter that can really liven up a sandwich.

  • Crushed pretzels work well when a recipe calls for some crunch. We like the idea of using them on top of desserts where nuts might otherwise go.

If you can’t, or choose not to, partake in peanuts this National Peanut Day, we invite you to try some of these awesome alternatives!

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