Pop Tabs For Charity; Hot Dogs For Us

/ Reedy Cares / June 17, 2013


Can you guess how many pop tabs we collected?

Go ahead, write down a guess.  We won’t look.

As part of Parts Town’s initiative to help Ronald McDonald House  (click here to read more about this great program), we’ve been collecting pop tabs for several weeks.  On Friday, employees celebrated the success of the pop tab drive with a barbecue!

Side dishes were contributed by all, and we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers in the parking lot.  What finer way to commemorate such an occasion than with food, was our feeling.

As part of the festivities, we each tried to guess how many pop tabs had been collected.  After the final tally, we are proud to announce….

3339 POP TABS.

That’s right.

Parts Town employees drank over three thousand cans of soda.

Joking aside, we are very proud to have contributed to this amazing organization that does so much for families in need.  Parts Town will continue to collect pop tabs for RMHC, and we encourage others to get involved as well!

Special thanks are due to Chris Reynolds for organizing the event.

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