Randell Prep Table & Freezer Shutdown Instructions

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Randell Prep Table and Freezer Shutdown and Restart Procedures-Randell Logo

Randell makes some of the best equipment for cooling ingredient. But when a unit needs to be powered down for a long period of time, there are proper procedures and precautions you need to ensure it stays in peak condition. Below are instructions from our friends at Randell for shutting down and starting up a refrigerated preparation table and freezer.

Randell Refrigerated Prep Table & Freezer Shutdown Procedures

  • Step 1. Clean and sanitize the inside of the upper prep rail. Then clean and sanitize all exterior surfaces of the unit. (Note: Not all models will have a wrapped rail or wrapped cold pan) 

  • Step 2. Clean and disinfect the rail drain with a solution of hot water and mild detergent. Per the manufacturer’s recommendation, open and close the clean-out valve as hot water flows through to clean debris from the internal valve components. Once it’s clean, leave the clean-out valve open to dry.

  • Step 3. Clean the condenser coil with coil cleaner and a vacuum, cleaner and brush. (Note: Brush the coil in the direction of  the fins, normally in a vertical motion, so it doesn’t damage or restrict air from passing through condenser)

  • Step 4. Pull the unit away from the wall and vacuum out debris inside the compressor area.

  • Step 5. Clean and disinfect the evaporator coil drain line and evaporator pan using a solution of warm water and mild detergent. At the rear of the unit, remove the clear plastic drain line from the plastic tray of condensing unit. Place the pan under end of drain tube. Remove waste water from the pan when cleaning is complete. After cleaning, use compressed air (20 psi maximum pressure) to blow the drain line clear. Reinsert the plastic drain tube into position on condensing unit.

  • Step 6. Wipe down the interior of the unit’s base and sanitize.

  • Step 7. Using a solution of warm water and mild detergent, clean all door gaskets.

  • Step 8. When finished cleaning, prop open all the doors and/or drawers to let the unit dry. Per the manufacturer, it’s recommended that you leave the doors and drawers open for the entire storage time.

Randell Refrigerated Prep Table & Freezer Start-Up Tips

With the unit completely dry and before it’s powered on, inspect all silicone seams at interior of the rail and refrigerated base cabinet. Reapply a food grade silicone sealant as needed to any seams where silicone has peeled or cracked. After applying sealant, leave the doors and upper lid open. Allow about 24 hours to dry before powering the unit on.

Download or print the full Randell procedure checklist.

Authorized service agents also are available to help with any thorough cleanings and shutdown procedures. Contact your local service provider for assistance.

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