3 Restaurant Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

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Restaurant Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

Holiday decorations help create a warm and inviting atmosphere. So why not bring that feeling to your restaurant? Aside from holiday promotions and events, customers love dining out at places that invoke plenty of cheer.

There are many ways to make a space stand out during the holidays. That’s why it can be tricky to pin down the right décor and style for restaurant. But we’re here to help! Below are three themes to help spark some restaurant decorating ideas for the holiday season.

Traditional Theme 

When we say traditional, think of those customary decorations and colors associated with the season. The standard red and green colors work in a whole bunch of settings.

Traditional red and gold ornaments-Restaurant Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

Start by stringing up multi-color lights on the ceiling or wrapping them around poles and countertops with some green garland. Once those are up, accentuate your tabletops with festive centerpieces and place settings.

If you want to capture the traditional feeling, a tree is a must. How you decorate it is your choice, but just make sure to keep it consistent. For an elegant touch, think about combining red and gold ornaments with white lights and gold ribbon. You could even add in some red poinsettia clips for an extra pop. If you’d rather do something more whimsical, adorn your tree with ornaments of Santas, snowmen, reindeer and other fun Christmas characters.

Modern Theme 

For new-age restaurants or urban gastro pubs, a contemporary scheme might be the way to go. What do we mean by “contemporary”? Think of a style that is minimal and clean. Modern décor typically is made of or resembles glass or steel.

Modern metallic Christmas orbs-Restaurant Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

To capture this vibe, try hanging metallic orbs or globe lights from the ceiling. As table centerpieces, add simple yet festive figurines. This could include everything from crystal reindeer to metal Christmas trees.

Also, a modern palette normally encompasses black, white, silver, royal purple or blue tones. Consider sticking with one or two colors. For instance, if you choose a white frosted tree, adorn the rest of your space with similarly frosted-style wreaths, tinsel and white lights.

Rustic Theme

Whether it’s a converted farmhouse or countryside lodge, a restaurant with a rustic atmosphere typically invokes a warm, charming feeling. Different holiday décor can complement that sensation beautifully.

Burlap ribbon and ornaments on a Christmas tree-Restaurant Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

When decorating a rustic space, think simple and natural. For instance, hang up wreathes and garland that feature accents like cedar, pine cones and faux berries.

Another decorative piece that goes a long way is burlap. You can use it as ribbon in lieu of garland or tinsel on a tree or to wrap around countertops or beams. Burlap ribbons also come in a wide variety of colors. Traditional tan or brown burlap helps accentuate wood planks common in a rustic setting, while red or green options help add a pop of festive color to your space.

Whatever theme suits your place best, remember to take plenty of pictures and post them to your restaurant’s social media channels.  Holiday-inspired pictures can tie into different promotions you post throughout the season as well.

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