Scotsman C0830 Ice Machine Repair & Parts

/ Commercial Kitchen Parts / September 11

The Scotsman C0830 ice machine is one of the popular Prodigy Series Modular Cubers offered by Scotsman. Parts Town is your home for genuine OEM replacement parts for your Prodigy model when it’s in need of repair. We love parts, and we love the people who need parts, so we’re offering these quick tips and links to common parts that need replacement here today.

Common Problems

Let’s take a look at some common problems you may experience with this ice cuber and what you can do on your own to help remedy the problem:

Not making enough ice

Like real estate, an ice machine is all about location location location! If you have your machine in a crowded area, give it some room to breath. While it will still work, ice capacity of air cooled machines will be significantly reduced with minimal clearance at the sides, back and top. Some space is recommended for service and maintenance purposes on all models. If your machine isn’t performing like you expected, move it away from obstructions and see what happens.

Check the filters

If connecting to water filtration, filter only the water to the reservoir, not to the condenser.

Install a new cartridge if the filters were used with a prior machine.

All models require drain tubing to be attached to them. Air cooled models have a single ¾” FPT drain fitting in the back of the cabinet. Water cooled models have the same fitting plus an additional ½” FPT drain fitting in the back of the cabinet.

Install new tubing when replacing a prior ice machine, as the tubing will have been sized for the old model and might not be correct for this one.

Power Supply

It’s one of Mr. Wizard’s favorite tips – check the power supply. Is it on? Is it the right power supply for your machine? You can find the specs for your machine in your manual, and if you don’t have the manual, we happen to have hundreds of Scotsman ice machine manuals at our website.

Common Parts

We carry almost every part you can think of for the Prodigy ice machines, but there’s a sampling of some personal favorites:

Ice Thickness Sensor

Water Level Sensor

Fan Blade

Assembly Control Board

Of course, we have hundreds more genuine Scotsman ice machine replacement parts at the site, including this list of C0830 replacement parts. And, as always, you can call our friendly customer service representatives if you have questions!

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