Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / June 28

Summer is the time for a cold scoop of ice cream to cool off. Skip the chocolate and vanilla and try out some new flavors to fit the season. Seasonal flavors are a great way to change up the menu and test out new tastes. It also helps to bring in the new season and bring customers in to try new flavors. Below we have compiled a list of some new summer flavor ideas to try. 

Summer Flavors

The height of fruit season is during the warmest months, so many of the flavors are fresh fruits. There are also some classic flavors that remind people of summer days spent at picnics and festivals.

  • S’mores – Summer days spent around the campfire come to mind with the taste of s’mores. The sweet marshmallow and chocolate are a sweet and memorable treat to add to a summer menu

  • Lemon Sorbet – Lemon is a classic flavor to have for the summer months. Festivals and vacation bring to mind lemonade and lemon sorbets to cool off from the heat. This flavor brings a sweet and tart option to your menu.

  • Lemon Lavender – Try a twist on the classic lemon flavor. Lavender helps to mellow out the tart flavor of lemon for a sweet and earthy flavor combination. 

  • Apple Pie – Make this long-standing pastry the next flavor for ice cream or other desserts. The sweet taste of apple and cinnamon will remind people of warm apple pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

  • Watermelon – One of the most iconic fruits of the summer is watermelon. This flavor will remind people of cooling down in the hot sun with this cold and watery fruit. 

  • Cherry – Another summer fruit, cherries come into season early summer. This sweet flavor is great alone or paired with another flavor like lime or vanilla. 

  • Blackberry – You can expect berry season in the summer, the bright and tangy fruit ripening in the warm summer air. Blackberry is a great berry flavor to add to ice cream instead of traditional berries like blueberry or raspberry. This dark and delicious berry is great for places that want to stand out with their ice cream flavors. 

  • Mixed Berry – With so many berries available in summer, try making a mixed berry ice cream. There won’t be a need to choose between blueberry or strawberry with this mixed flavor.

  • Orange & Chocolate – If you’re looking for a more unique citrus flavor, try including an orange and chocolate combination. This is a classic pair and the sweetness of chocolate helps tame the sour of orange. It’ll stand out from the standard lemon flavors and burst with summer flavor. 

  • Key Lime Pie – Citrus goes hand in hand with warm summer sunshine, and using a key lime flavor will taste like beach days and summer vacations.

  • Honey – More of a subtler flavor, honey is perfect alone or mixed with others. For an added bonus, try topping food and desserts with local honey from local suppliers. 

  • Pineapple – Who doesn’t think of pineapple when they think of summer? Vacations on the beach with pina coladas or pineapple juice with seltzer. Use this warm climate fruit to give a refreshing and fun flavor to ice cream.

  • Mango – Mango is an amazing summer fruit for the summer because of how versatile the flavor is. Change up the flavor by adding some spices or sea salt to this tropical fruit.

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