Secret Ingredients - Duke's Smokehouse, Georgetown, TX

/ Secret Ingredients / August 16

What is the most popular item on your menu?

Texas is all about Brisket, so Brisket is #1 followed by Sweet Broccoli Salad with white raisins & sunflower seeds.

What is it about your restaurant that keeps customers coming back?

“Keeping Georgetown Normal” sounds simple but it is not, normal is back to basics 1-owner, 1-restaurant, 1-customer at a time.

What one thing does every restaurant owner need to know to be successful?

Two: remember where your money comes from and “24-7”

What strategies have worked best for you on the Internet?

Diversity, 3 months max….keep moving, Groupon, living social, facebook. Goggle ads, etc.etc.

How has your relationship with Parts Town been?

Excellent, thank you