Shutting Down Avtec Conveyor, Exhaust & Utility Distribution Systems

/ Commercial Exhaust Systems, Shutdown & Restart Procedures / April 16

Avtec Exhaust Conveyor Utility Distribution System Shutdown Procedures-Avtec Logo

Avtec Conveyor System Shutdown Procedures

  • Step 1. If the system includes a wash cycle, drain the detergent contain inside the door of the wash tank. If does not, proceed to step 4.

  • Step 2. Rinse the soap in the tank thoroughly. Refill the tank with water.

  • Step 3. Run the conveyor system on the “WASH” setting for at least 15 minutes. This will help flush the detergent from the pump system.

  • Step 4. Turn off the conveyor at the breaker panel.

Avtec Utility Distribution System (UDS) Shutdown Procedures

  • Step 1. Turn the system off from the breaker panel.

  • Step 2. If applicable, turn the main service breaker off on the UDS.

  • Step 3. If applicable, turn all the plumbing valves to the off position. These are located at each gas drop and the incoming service for gas and hot/cold water supplied to the system. These are behind the access panel on the end towers. Panels from each end tower should be removed to ensure all plumbing valves are closed.

Avtec Exhaust Hood Shutdown Tips

Exhaust and supply fan systems as well as fire suppression systems should stay active during shutdown in case of a fire. However, fan switches should be turned to the off position with power from the breaker panel still on.

Download or print the full Avtec equipment procedure checklist.

Authorized service agents also are available to help with any thorough cleanings and shutdown procedures. Contact your local service provider for assistance.

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