Summer Tech Tips

/ How-To / May 23

Warm weather is coming! Be prepared with these simple tips that will help protect your ice machine.

Water inlet valves come in various forms, but they all have a filter screen. Make sure you check the filter screen for cleanliness, particularly if the water source for the ice machine is unfiltered.

Conduct a thorough cleaning of the ice making and storage area, using nickel safe cleaner.

Use clean rags to scrub all surfaces in the ice storage compartments with a fresh bleach solution (2 oz bleach mixed with 1 gallon water). Keep the following points in mind as you clean:

• Pay particular attention to door tracks, grids, and gaskets.

• Clean water reservoir and hoses with ice machine cleaner or the bleach solution mentioned above

• Sanitize surfaces that ice contacts with bleach solution

• Flush with plain water

• Make ice for 30 minutes and then empty bin

On Flaker type machines, don’t forget to check for the typical bearing wear on the auger. Most manufacturers recommend conducting this check annually, we advise doing it even more frequently, especially if you are in a bad water area. This is a simple check on the top bearing with a feeler gauge.

Our technicians are always happy to answer questions or to advise. Don’t hesitate to call 800-438-8898 and ask for tech support if you have questions about ice machine maintenance or any other commercial kitchen equipment.

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