Supporting Real Intelligence: How Data, AI are Being Leveraged at Parts Town

/ Thought Leadership / June 7

By Mike O’Shea, SVP Data Strategy at Parts Town 

By now I’m sure you’ve seen our announcement of PartPredictor, our new data-driven, artificial intelligence (AI)-backed solution which helps service companies find and identify the right parts faster than ever by accurately predicting the most frequently used parts for specific equipment issues. The inspiration for this new tool, crafted by our talented team of innovators in our Red Lightning division, was simple: make life easier for our customers.  

 We understand the concern about AI replacing jobs. However, our approach is to use AI to complement our workforce, not replace it. At Parts Town, we haven’t replaced any positions with AI. Instead, we’ve strategically deployed it to automate manual and repetitive tasks, as well as speed up data processes. This frees up our team members’ time and allows them to focus on more strategic initiatives and growth opportunities. This approach allows us to leverage the efficiency of AI while still capitalizing on the strengths and innovativeness of our human workforce. We believe this combination is what truly fuels innovation and success here at Parts Town. 

 We’re not done with PartPredictor yet, either. While we’re thrilled with the power it puts in the hands of users in its current state, we want to make it even better. By expanding on the AI model we have implemented, we will be able to let customers find accurate results with less input data. And with each new equipment repair our teams perform, the model will continue to get smarter and learn from the additional data.  

 Parts Town combines parts and service data to deliver valuable insights for customers operating mission-critical equipment as with foodservice and HVAC. When supported with AI, the future of this data is industry-changing. It goes beyond reducing downtime and finding answers quickly when repairs are needed. The system would understand what equipment you have, and what issues you have dealt with in the past. With this increased understanding of the customer, the AI model could reference Parts Town’s real-world data to predict future issues based on similar customers’ experiences. This combination of real-world data and next-generation AI could help our customers avoid down time by prompting for the right preventative maintenance at the right time.  

 No matter what we do, or how we continue to build out our AI features, our guiding principles will always remain the same. We want to empower our customers and give them tools that meet their needs and make their work easier while refusing to compromise on accuracy and reliability. We serve professionals who expect answers based on real-world data, and that’s exactly what we’re giving them.  

 We have an unwavering commitment to the needs of our customers, which is why we’ll never let AI make up the answers. We are using AI to deliver trusted intelligence so our customers can be confident that the information they get from PartPredictor was gathered by a real professional with genuine experience in the industry.   

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