The Busiest Restaurant Day Of The Year

/ Holiday / May 7

Are you taking your mother out to eat for Mother’s Day? You’re not alone. More than 80 million Americans will be sitting down with their families at a restaurant this Sunday – the most popular restaurant day of the year!

Restaurants have responded to the influx of customers in a variety of ways. Many restaurateurs take the opportunity to put together a special menu, something marketed toward mothers and easy to prepare and present. Having a simplified menu makes it easier for restaurants to serve guests quickly and efficiently and keep things moving. Here are some great pointers for creating your customized Mother’s Day menu. Don’t forget to promote your menu and Mother’s Day specials on social media sites as the day approaches.

When the pace is hectic, it’s important to manage both your employees and your guests effectively. Many restaurants schedule additional staff for the occasion, and most employ a reservation system to manage the flow of customers. Read more on what to avoid┬áto keep things running smoothly.

Finally, it’s imperative that your kitchen operate at peak performance. The best way to ensure that it does is, of course, with genuine OEM parts from Parts Town. Make your mama proud – contact us for any replacements you might need before the big day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!