Treat Yourself On National Eat What You Want Day

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / May 11

Are you frustrated by diet fads and food trends? You’re in luck. Today we celebrate a holiday designed to alleviate the pressure and dissatisfaction that comes of trying to eat what others tell you you should.

Today is National Eat What You Want Day.

It may seem counterintuitive, but nutritionists agree that taking a “cheat day” – a day off from worrying about your diet – and just enjoying the foods that appeal to you is a smart and healthy decision. If we don’t allow ourselves this flexibility, conventional wisdom is that cravings will drive us to abandon healthy food choices altogether and binge on junk.

For some, National Eat What You Want Day is a perfect occasion to have a cheat day.

Others may choose to celebrate the day by experimenting with unfamiliar cuisine about which they’ve been curious, indulging in an expensive meal they might otherwise opt out of, or simply taking the time to prepare a favorite dish.

We encourage restaurants to inform customers of this holiday and remind them that this is an occasion to just go for it when it comes to food. Order the surf and turf or the giant steak. Get two desserts or an extra appetizer. Try the salad with the ingredient you’ve never heard of.

Share this unique and fun holiday with your friends and customers!

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