5 Valentine's Day Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant

/ Foodservice Tips, Restaurant Tips / January 17

Male Giving Roses to His Date-Valentines Day Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you can feel the love in the air. That means folks everywhere are looking for a place to enjoy an intimate meal, whether it’s couples, families or singles. So how can your establishment attract patrons and share the love? We have some easy Valentine’s Day restaurant promotion ideas to try this year.

Offer Desirable Deals

A special holiday like Valentine’s Day should include some enticing deals. Offer a free appetizer promo code for everyone who follows one of your social media channels. For couples dining at your restaurant, think about offering something complimentary. For example, free glasses of champagne or a delicious, shareable dessert not only make a great incentive, but they also are the perfect accents to a romantic date night.

Another possible deal is an affordable set menu with multiple courses. That actually brings us to our next idea…

Make Dinners for Two

Instead of the usual options on the menu, offer a special table d’hôte menu with multicourse meals for two. Each meal should be at a set price and include an appetizer, a soup or salad, an entrée with sides and a dessert. For a romantic occasion like Valentine’s Day, consider featuring some aphrodisiac-inspired foods and ingredients like avocados, chili peppers, chocolate and oysters.

Create a Romantic Setting

A romantic dinner requires the right ambiance. Turn the lights down low and string up some white lights and heart-shaped decor. On the tables, create table settings featuring votive candles, rose pedals and red linens. Also, make sure you play softer music that allows couples to enjoy a quiet conversation.

Try to set up your décor about a week before. Once you’ve staged an intimate setting, snap a few photos to post on your social media channels leading up to Valentine’s Day. Don’t be afraid to reshare or post new pictures on the actual day as well. These can help attract some last-minute reservations or couples looking to celebrate during the weekend.

Couple Toasting at Restaurant-Valentines Day Promotion Ideas for Your Restaurant

Give Out Some Sweetheart Swag

When dinner is done, give your customers a special swag bag filled with Valentine’s Day goodies. Each bag can include everything from candy and coupons to candles and gift cards. Think about partnering with a local business or two for help with the giveaways. For instance, your swag can include a small box of chocolates, a coupon to your restaurant and a gift card to a local establishment.

Not sure who to partner with? Consider reaching out to boutiques or spas that offer couples’ massages. You also could partner with a nearby movie theater to offer gift cards or coupons. After all, a romantic dinner and a movie are the the perfect Valentine’s Day combo.

Spread the Love to Singles & Families

Sometimes, offering the polar opposite can go a long way. While other restaurants try to attract couples, show some love and affection to the single folks and families. For singles, offer a special menu or package for a guys or ladies night. Want to play the role of matchmaker? Partner up with a dating service or local group to set up a special speed-dating night in your restaurant.

For families, savings are big when dining out. A free appetizer or dessert is a good option, or you can offer free entrées for kids. Also, consider making cute dishes that appeal to little ones. Heart-shaped pizzas, hamburger buns or desserts can make the experience fun for the entire family.

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