Vulcan Griddle Shutdown & Start-Up Instructions

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When a commercial kitchen has to temporarily cease operations, proper shut-off and restart measures are important. Vulcan griddles have specific procedures to ensure they don’t get dirty or damaged during idle time. Below are instructions from our friends at Vulcan for shutting down and starting up its griddles.

This guide refers to operator’s manuals for additional procedures. Please visit our Vulcan Griddle Manuals page for your specific model’s manual.

Vulcan Griddle Shutdown Procedures

The following are shutdown instructions by model. Before you begin shutting off the unit, make sure to follow your specific model’s cleaning guidelines in the operator’s manual. Vulcan also requires you to monitor the flue area on gas models because grease can harden over time. If left uncleaned, it can cause issues during restart.

900RX, MSA, ASA, AGM & VCCG Griddles

  • Step 1a. Turn the griddle shut-off valve to OFF position on electric griddle. On VCCG models, you’ll push a power switch to the OFF position.

  • Step 1b. On gas models, turn off the main gas supply valve.

  • Step 2. Unplug the electric supply cord (electric models only).

  • Step 3. Apply a heavy coat of vegetable oil on the griddle plate. This will help prevent rusting.

HEG, RRE & WEG Griddles

  • Step 1. Turn off all thermostats.

  • Step 2. Shut off the griddle’s main electric supply.

  • Step 3. Apply a heavy coat of vegetable oil on the griddle plate. This will help prevent rusting.

Vulcan Griddle Start-Up Procedures

Vulcan’s griddle restart instructions are universal across all models.

  • Step 1. For a kitchen that has been idle for 30 days, set up an appointment with a qualified gas service technician to be onsite during the start-up process. Also, check all gas equipment in kitchen for gas leaks.

  • Step 2. Perform a “before-first-use” cleaning of the unit following the directions in the operator’s manual for your specific model.

Download or print the full Vulcan equipment shutdown and restart guide.

Authorized service agents also are available to help with any thorough cleanings and shutdown procedures. Contact your local service provider for assistance.

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