Winter Tech Tips

/ Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning, Tech Tips / February 25

Winter is still hanging around, and right now it’s hard to imagine it will ever end. Here are a few seasonal tips to keep your kitchen operating safely and efficiently in the frozen climate.

Inspect uninsulated/under insulated pipes near outer walls to prevent freezing. Frozen pipes run the risk of bursting and causing extensive property damage. If you do happen to locate a pipe that is frozen or in the process of freezing, there are several ways to remedy the situation.

Make sure exhaust vents are not frozen open or impeded by recent snowfalls. An energy waster letting in cold outside air when the exhaust motor is not on.

Are rooftop condensing units buried in snow or affected by ice? If this occurs, you will have trouble regulating the temperature inside your building. Call a professional to inspect the units if you are unsure.

Ensure clear paths to avoid slipping. Make sure your employees can get to the dumpsters safely, and that the entrance to your restaurant is clear of ice so your customers don’t fall.

Stay safe and warm!

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