Wunder-Bar Soda Gun Installation

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Wunder-Bar Soda Gun Installation

From chain restaurants to neighborhood taverns, Wunder-Bar makes dispensing solutions for a wide variety of establishments. The Mark 4 dispensing gun quickly dispenses refreshing beverages that patrons love. Need help putting it together? Below are Wunder-Bar soda gun installation instructions for popular Mark 4 series models.

Soda Gun Parts

Before you start the installation process, check that the Mark 4 dispenser kit has the following:

  • Mounting hardware package

  • Hose hanger

  • Drip cup

  • Drain tube

  • Input fittings (installed in the dispenser’s product manifold)

Soda Gun Installation Procedures

The following instructions are for the dispenser gun:

  • Step 1. Secure the water, soda and syrup tubes to the input fittings with clamps or ferrules.

  • Step 2. Install the input fittings into their proper manifold positions. Make sure to push the clips (a.k.a. Kwik Klips) down to lock the fitting in place. The letters and numbers on the manifold label should correspond to the button position on the dispenser’s handle.

  • Step 3. Using four 2″ stainless-steel Phillips head screws in the mounting package, secure the tube collector and manifold assembly to the underside of your bar.

Sanitary Drip Cup Installation Procedures

The following instructions are for the drip cup, which is where the dispenser gun rests when not in use:

  • Step 1. Place the drip cup holder into the recess, which is under the hose hanger. Align it with the three matching mounting screw holes.

  • Step 2. Place the combined drip cup holder and hose hanger in the desired location under the counter. Align the alignment line with the front edge of the counter.

  • Step 3. Fasten three 3/4″ Phillips pan head screws through the three mounting holes into the counter. Make sure they are fastened until no more threads are exposed.

  • Step 4. Install one end of the 6 ft. drain tube to the drip cup holder’s drain nipple.

  • Step 5. Extend the other end of the drain tube to the floor drain or sink. Don’t install the tube’s end into an ice bin or sink drain.

  • Step 6. Install the grommet into the hose hanger. Then, install the drip cup insert into the holder.

Looking for more instructions for Wunder-Bar soda gun installation or maintenance? Check out our library of Wunder-Bar manuals.

Please contact a local factory authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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