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How to Clean a Stoelting Floor Model Ice Cream Machine

How to Clean a Stoelting Floor Model Ice Cream Machine

Creating large quantities of delicious ice cream, requires the right equipment. Stoelting makes a wide selection of heavy-duty floor machines, such as F231 Gravity Fed and 217 Pressurized Single-Flavor models. To keep your commercial ice cream machine running smoothly, upkeep is a must. Need a little help? Below are easy instructions for how to clean a Stoelting floor machine properly.

Supplies You’ll Need

Stoelting also offers complete six-month and 12-month maintenance kits that include everything from sanitizing packets to O-rings.

Cleaning the Procedures

Step 1. Remove Ice Cream & Drain the Machine

Before you start cleaning, you’ll need to empty and disassemble the machine first. Start by discarding ice cream mix into buckets. Then, drain each hopper with water. You should use about 2 gallons of water in each hopper.

Step 2. Disassemble the Front Door & Spigot Assembly

To disassemble the front door, start by removing any rosette caps or spigot extensions if they’re on the unit. Then, take off the knobs so you can pull the door off from the studs.

Step 3. Remove & Disassemble the Auger Assemblies

Start by removing the front auger supports and bushings. Then, take off the machine’s auger assemblies by pulling the augers out of the freezing cylinder slowly. Carefully disassemble each plastic flight with springs while the augers are being removed. Make sure you keep the rear of the augers tipped up once they clear the freezing cylinder. This prevents the rear seal assemblies from dropping.

Step 4. Wash the Disassembled Parts in a Sink

The front door assembly, spigots, augers, auger supports and bushings should be washed in a sink with warm water and dish soap. Use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub each part thoroughly. Once they’re clean, dry the parts by hand using paper towel.

Step 5. Lubricate the O-Rings

Now that everything is clean and dry, it’s time to reassemble the machine. Start by lubricating the spigot and rear-seal auger O-rings. Make sure you use a significant amount of lubricant.

You must use Total Blend sanitary lubricant, Petrol-Gel sanitary lubricant or an equivalent in accordance with Stoelting’s instructions.

Step 6. Reassemble the Machine

To reassemble the machine, follow the disassembly procedure in reverse order. Lay down the mix inlet regulators inside the hoppers. Insert them into the opening following the sanitizing procedure. If you get stuck with reassembly, refer to your owner’s manual for more assistance.

Step 7. Prepare the Sanitizing Solution

Prepare two gallons worth of sanitizing solution for each hopper. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper sanitizer-to-water ratio.

Step 8. Add Sanitizing Solution & Start Cleaning Mode

Now that your solution is mixed, add it into each hopper. Use a soft-bristle brush to clean out the openings at the bottom of each hopper. Then, start the cleaning mode on the machine. The cycle should take about 10 minutes.

Step 9. Wipe Down the Bottom Drip Tray

During the sanitizing cycle, you can do some other quick cleaning on the machine. Wipe down the drip tray located below the front door assembly. Use a damp cloth with warm water and a small amount of dish soap.

Step 10. Wipe Down the Machine’s Exterior

Use a different damp cloth or sponge to clean the exterior of the machine. Do not use an abrasive scrubbing pad. It could damage the stainless-steel surfaces.

Step 11. Drain Sanitizing Solution from Spigot

Once the timer expires, open the spigot and drain the sanitizing solution from the machine.

Looking for more help cleaning your Stoelting floor cream machine? Check out our library for Stoelting manuals with instructions and tips.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs