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How to Filter a Pitco Fryer


Filtering your Pitco fryer is an important task that must be completed daily. Not only does filtering your fryer ensure that your food product is properly cooked while maintaining quality, but it also ensures your fryer runs safely and smoothly. Learn how to filter your Pitco fryer, clean the filter and replace the filter media in the guide below.

This filtering procedure is applicable for all Solstice and Solstice Supreme Matchless Ignition fryers that are equipped with a filter drawer.

Filtering a Pitco Fryer

  • Step 1—Turn off the fryer unit.
  • Step 2—Pull the blue drain handle downward to drain the cooker tank into the filter pan.
  • Step 3—Next, pull the red handle to turn the pump on. This will let the oil or shortening circulate through the filter media.
  • Step 4—Refill the tank by lifting up the blue drain handle.
  • Step 5—Once the tank has finished filling, push the red handle to stop the pump.
  • Step 6—Check to make sure that the oil or shortening is above the minimum level line. More oil can be added as needed to the cook tank.
  • Step 7—Replace the filter media and clean the filter pan (see below for instructions).

How to Replace the Filter Media

If your Pitco Solstice fryer is equipped with filter media for the filter drawer.

  • Step 1—Unscrew (counter-clockwise) the pickup tube from the filter pickup assembly to disconnect at the knurled fitting, into the threaded fitting in the filter screen.
  • Step 2—Remove used filter paper from the filter screen by sliding off the filter paper clip, then replace with new filter paper, making sure the hole in the filter paper is on top to allow the threaded fitting in the filter screen to go through it.
  • Step 3—Fold the filter paper to the underside of the filter screen, and slide in the filter paper clip.
  • Step 4—Screw on the filter pickup tube back onto the filter screen (clockwise) into the threaded fitting in the filter screen.
  • Step 5—Reinstall the filter pickup assembly into the filter system. To do so, first place the covered screen portion of the assembly into the filter pan, connecting the quick disconnect on the filter pickup assembly into the white donut fitting that’s located on the left-hand side. Then, make sure that it is secure within the donut fitting.

How to Clean the Filter

  • Step 1—Unscrew the filter strainer cap from the pickup tube, then gently tap it to remove any debris from the slots. With a clean cloth, remove any remaining debris and reattach.
  • Step 2—Scrape off loose debris completely from the filter pickup assembly and filter pan with a filter scoop shovel.
  • Step 3—Remove the filter pickup and place it in a dishwasher or other warewashing unit for cleaning. Make sure it’s rinsed thoroughly and dried before reassembling.
  • Step 4—Wipe the filter pan with a clean, damp cloth and food-safe detergent. If needed, place the pan in a pot sink to thoroughly rinse it, and dry thoroughly before reassembly.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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