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True Refrigeration Door Gasket Replacement Tips


Finding the correct True gasket can be daunting to say the least. If you’re not sure when to replace a gasket or what type of gasket you have, we’re here to help. Our tips below will help you find the correct high-quality gasket, manufactured specifically for your unit, so you can keep your food stored at safe temperatures.

When to Replace a Gasket on Your True Refrigerator or Freezer?

When you should replace your gasket depends on a lot of factors, such as how often you are opening and closing your unit.

The gasket is, of course, a seal between the door and the unit, so if you notice cracks in the gasket, other visual damage, or separation from either part of the unit, it’s time for a replacement. If you feel cold air or drafts around the door, or notice temperatures fluctuations inside the unit, you’ve got to act. That escaping air can actually result in an increase in energy usage and even spoil your food if safe temperatures are not maintained.

In this case, first check to ensure the unit is properly level. A level surface is important for door operation, but also for proper unit operation in general.

What Type of Gasket do You Need on a True Refrigerator or Freezer?

Finding the correct True gasket can be a little tricky since the same model numbers have been in use for multiple production runs. So, to find the right gasket you will need to find the data plate. You can find the model and serial number of your True fridge or freezer on the inside wall of the unit. There should be a data plate on the left that looks something like this:

Once you’ve found the serial and model number, use the True serial number lookup tool to find the manufacturing date of your unit. The age of your unit is important because different production runs may have different parts.

Here are two examples of True models with different gaskets based on their manufacturing date:

T-49F Door Gaskets

  • True 810803 – Only if your unit was manufactured before 2005
  • True 810719 - Only if your unit was manufactured after 2005

GDM-35 Door Gaskets

  • True 811134 – Only if your unit was manufactured before 2009
  • True 810807 – Only if your unit was manufactured after 2009

There are countless other examples across all types of equipment, so providing a serial and model number is always the best way to get accurate replacement details. Make sure to check your True manual for more information identifying the model number or gasket.

What is Dart to Dart?

Dart to dart is another way of asking, “What is the inside measurement of the gasket?” The darts are the arrows at the base of the gasket that snap into the door. When measuring “dart to dart” you are measuring arrow to arrow.

Ideally, you should never have to measure the gasket, but it can be a way of determining which replacement you need. It should only be used as a last resort, in the case that your data tag is missing or there is no information on the unit.

If you ever have a question about which gasket fits your unit, you can talk to one of our amazing customer experience specialists by using our live chat option. We are here to help you find the part you need the first time!

Why Should You Buy an OEM Gasket?

Buying an OEM part—a replacement part from the original equipment manufacturer—means you are getting the part designed for your unit. This means the gasket is guaranteed to fit your unit and will be of the highest quality. This assures you that your food will stay fresh, and the cold air stays in the unit instead of seeping out.

Be wary of major online retailers that work with third parties—often these sites fail to police their third-party sellers, and anyone can simply write “OEM” on a description. Also be aware of deceptive practices where sellers use phrases like “OEM aftermarket.”

Be informed! Either a part is OEM, or it is aftermarket; a part is either real, or it is fake. It is either guaranteed by the manufacturer, or it is not.

Parts Town only deals directly with manufacturers, including True Manufacturing, to bring you real OEM parts. When you choose us, you’ll always get real parts.

Please contact a local factory authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.