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APW Wyott Serial Number Lookup

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Knowing the serial number of your APW Wyott equipment and when it was manufactured can be particularly useful in several scenarios. For example, determining if it’s still covered under its warranty, subject to a recall or if there are certain parts or software that require an upgrade.

Not to mention, it limits downtime by helping you find the real OEM replacement parts you need faster and more accurately than ever before. This guide will inform you how to find the APW Wyott serial number so you can get back to your maintenance and repairs.

APW Wyott Serial Number Lookup 

Knowing the serial number and how to find it on your APW Wyott equipment makes searching for exact replacement parts super duper easy with our Serial Number Lookup tool. This feature populates the page with real OEM APW Wyott replacement parts instantly while providing important warranty information. 

This way, you don’t have to second guess your purchases or wonder about fit, getting your hot dog rollers, warmers, griddles and other equipment up and running faster.

Where is the APW Wyott Data Plate Located?

You can find the APW Wyott data plate on the back of the rear, right-hand side of the unit near the power cord. However, if you’re looking to identify a smaller APW Wyott appliance, like an overhead warmer, you should be able to find the rating label on the front of the unit. 

Unit Code & Model Number

All equipment built after 2001 will include a unit code within the first 4-5 figures. For models manufactured between 2001-2021, the model number will be represented within the first 5 digits. For units built after this, the type of unit will be represented as letters within the first 4 placeholders.

Year & Month 

Okay, awesome, you’ve located the APW Wyott data plate, but what exactly do all those numbers and capital letters mean? The nifty thing about these serial numbers is they provide a wealth of information on when your specific unit was manufactured, right down to the exact year and month it was welded into existence.

There are 1 of 3 ways to tell how old your unit is, depending on when it was manufactured.

Before 2001

For units manufactured before 2001, you’ll find the date of manufacture listed as the first 4 digits, year first, then month. For example, 9811 would mean the unit was made in November of 1998.


Units produced between 2001 and 2021 also use the same year/date approach, except these numbers appear in the middle of the serial number before the last 4 digits. For example, the number 9811 would mean the unit was made in November of 1998.


For units developed after 2021, this is where APW Wyott switches things up and uses the familiar month/year approach that we all know and love. The date will appear after the first 4 digits. For example, 0522 would mean the unit was manufactured in May of 2022.

Manufacturing Location

If you want to know where your piece of equipment was manufactured, APW Wyott gives a few hints based on the year of manufacture. 

  • Prior to 2001 – Units manufactured prior to 2001 were manufactured in Dallas. This is also represented by a “D” after the first 4 digits.
  • 2001-2021 – These units were made in Mexico.
  • 2021-Present – All other units were or are being made at the Star facility. The letter “A” indicates made in the US, and “C” indicates made in China. This letter will appear in the middle of the serial number before the last 4 digits.

Unit Sequence Code

A unit sequence code lets you know the production number of a piece of equipment within its monthly manufacturing batch.

For units made between 2001-present, you’ll be able to identify where your unit falls in the roundup by looking at the last 4 digits. For example, a last 4 digit code of 0031 would indicate your unit was the 31st hot plate, toaster, thermo drawer, etc. assembled during its month of manufacture.

For units made prior to 2001, the unit sequence code will be represented in the last 5 digits of the serial number.

Other APW Wyott Resources

Now that you know where and how to find your APW Wyott serial number, you can perform maintenance and troubleshoot those pesky error codes. But first, you might like to check out resources from our equipment experts:

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.