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Blickman Warming Cabinet Troubleshooting


Blickman warming cabinets provide comfort to guests and patients alike. They can safely heat blankets and towels for a more comfortable experience. If something seems off or your unit isn’t operating as it should, troubleshooting the issue quickly will help you get your unit back up and running. Check out our Blickman blanket warmer troubleshooting guide below.

This guide covers troubleshooting for digital warming cabinet models 7921T, 7922T, 7924T, 7925T, 7927T and SW30T.

Warming Cabinet Won’t Heat

  • Door isn’t closed—Check that any and all doors are fully closed.
  • No power—Check that the power switch is on, the power cord is plugged in and the fuse box that’s connected to the unit.

Warming Cabinet Heats But Doesn’t Reach Set Temperature

  • Unit hasn’t reached set temperature yet—Allow enough time for the warming cabinet to reach its set temperature.
  • Issue with fan—Check that the fan is operating as it should by opening the door(s) and holding down the door switch. If you can’t hear the fan operating, call your authorized service technician for assistance.

Alarm LED is lit and Audible Alarm is Activated

  • Temperature was set lower than default—The Over Temperature Alarm can go off if the set temperature is changed to one that’s lower than the default temperature. Press the “Clear Mute” button to turn off the alarm, then open the door(s) to release any heated air.
  • Issue with unit—If the warmer is operating as it should and the alarm is going off, turn off the power to the unit and contact your authorized service technician.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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