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Cambro Food Cart Maintenance

Picture - Cambro Food Cart Maintenance

Cambro food carts transport food quickly, efficiently and at the proper temperature. These units are sure to become important pieces of equipment wherever they are, so proper maintenance is a must. This guide on Cambro food cart maintenance provides clear instructions on how to care for your unit so it operates properly for as long as possible.

These instructions are for Pro Cart Ultra models, as well as both Short and Tall Profile Meal Delivery Cart models.


Resetting the Heater (Pro Cart Ultra Models Only)

If the temperature inside the cart reaches 195˚F (90.6˚C), the heater will shut off automatically. Fan failure or placing food pans warmer than 190˚F (87.8˚C) may cause the heater to shut off, too. The heater will not resume normal operation until the hi-limit thermostat is reset.

  • Step 1. Power down the unit - Turn the heater “OFF” by flipping the On/Off switch.
  • Step 2. Cut power to the unit - Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and remove the other end from the front of the heater.
  • Step 3. Remove the heater - Hold the heater firmly while removing the 5 stainless steel screws and washers that fasten the heater to the module. Once the screws and washers are loose, remove the heater.
  • Step 4. Locate the RESET button - Place the heater on a stable surface with the metal section facing down. Look for a small, round hole in the cover with the word RESET next to it.
  • Step 5. Reset the Hi-Limit Thermostat - Use a small, round, non-metal object, such as a plastic stir stick or a wooden skewer, to push the RESET button.
  • Step 6. Reinstall the heater - Use the screws and washers to reattach the heater to the module.
  • Step 7. Restore power to the unit - Plug the power cord into the outlet and into the unit.
  • Step 8. Check the temperature - Turn the heater “ON” and make sure it’s heating up to the normal temperature.

Cleaning the Modules (Pro Cart Ultra Models Only)

Modules should be cleaned when they look dirty or as part of regular preventative maintenance.

  • Step 1. Turn the unit “OFF” - Power down the unit by flipping the On/Off switch.
  • Step 2. Cut power to the unit - Unplug the power cord from both the wall outlet and the unit.
  • Step 3. Secure the cart - Put the breaks on and place the cart against a wall. If placing the cart against a wall isn’t feasible, ask someone to hold the module in the back so it doesn’t fall out.
  • Step 4. Uninstall the module screws - Remove the 4 stainless steel screws and washers on the inside of the cart that hold the module in place.
  • Step 5. Remove the module - Gently push out the module and remove it from the cart.
  • Step 6. Clean the module - Use a moist, soft cloth and mild detergent to clean the module and components.
  • Step 7. Dry the module - Allow the module and components to air dry completely before reinstalling them. Or, use a soft, clean cloth to dry them.
  • Step 8. Reinstall the module - First, align the heater with the recessed area of the module. Then, align the AC inlet for power connection with the rectangular hole through the module. Use the 4 screws and washers to reattach the module to the heater.

Cleaning the Cart Body & Interior

Don’t use detergents or cleaners with ammonia or bleach to clean the body, doors or cart interior. Also, don’t use steel wool, abrasive scrub pads or stiff-bristle brushes: only use soft cloths or brushes.

  • Step 1. Power down the cart - Use the On/Off switch to turn the cart “OFF.”
  • Step 2. Unplug the cart - Remove the power cord from the wall outlet and the cart itself.
  • Step 3. Wipe the cart - Use warm water, mild detergent and either a soft cloth or brush to clean the cart body and interior.
  • Step 4. Rinse the cart - Remove any remaining soap suds or dirt with a clean, moist cloth.
  • Step 5. Dry the cart - Either air dry the cart or use a clean, soft cloth to soak up any remaining moisture.

Maintaining the Casters

In order to increase their longevity and improve their performance, casters should be maintained after every cleaning.

  • Step 1. Turn the cart “OFF” - Power down the cart using the On/Off switch.
  • Step 2. Unplug the cart - Remove the power cord both from the wall outlet and the unit itself.
  • Step 3. Grease the swivel raceway - Apply lubricant using a grease gun with a needle nose adapter or a tube-type applicator to the swivel raceway.
  • Step 4. Lubricate the hub - Grease the hub with a light oil such as WD-40.
  • Step 5. Check the casters - Before using the cart, inspect the casters for damage and test the casters for spin and swivel rotation.

For more information on maintaining your Cambro food cart, be sure to take a look at our collection of Cambro manuals online.

Please contact a local authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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