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Cleveland Serial Number Lookup

Cleveland Serial Number Lookup

Whether you need a Cleveland range serial number lookup or are asking 'how do you read a Cleveland steamer serial number?’, we can help you identify your Cleveland serial number. This number is essential when you need to find compatible parts or are working with a service technician. The serial numbers for Cleveland equipment manufactured before December 2008 and after December 2008 are different. It is important to know the difference so you can identify your specific model. Below we will help you get started on understanding serial numbers and what they mean. 

Before December 2008

Serial numbers for units manufactured before December 2008 have 12 digits with hyphens to separate important information. Each serial number will start with either WC or WT, which identifies the location the unit was manufactured. 

  • WC - Manufactured at Welbilt Cleveland-build in Cleveland, Oh
  • WT - Manufactured at Welbilt Toronto-build in Concord, Canada

 The next digits are the batch number, which will either be 4 or 5 numbers. After that, the next 3 digits represent the production year and month. The year will be the first 2 digits and the month will be a letter. Here is how those are broken down:

  • A - January
  • B - February
  • C - March
  • D - April
  • E - May
  • F - June
  • G - July
  • H - August
  • I - September
  • J - October
  • K - November
  • L - December

The last two digits are to identify the unit out of the manufacturer's batch number. 

After December 2008

For appliances manufactured after December 2008, the serial number is normally 13 digits. The first 2 digits are the production year and the next 2 digits are the production month. So for appliances manufactured in September 2011, the number would be ‘1109’. The next 4 digits will represent the manufacturing location, and the last 5 digits are the unique serial number for that specific unit. 

Looking for more information on your Cleveland appliances? Check out our library of manuals and diagrams to get help.

Please contact a factory authorized service agent who can help with these specific units and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.