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Commercial Foodservice Equipment Repair and the “Right to Repair” Act

Technician fixing coffee machine - Commercial Foodservice Equipment Repair and the Right to Repair Act

The idea of consumers having the “right to repair” their own equipment is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. However, this would have a major impact on many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies as they would have to provide parts to all consumers, regardless of trade or ability. Keep reading to find out how these laws could affect commercial foodservice equipment repair companies in the future.

What is the “Right to Repair?”

According to JDSupra, the “Right to Repair” movement would allow individual consumers to purchase parts for their devices to repair themselves rather than using OEM repair parts, as has been commonplace for years. 

Overall, this means that individuals, such as restaurant managers, would not need to go through certified repair technicians to get the necessary parts for their equipment. Although there are already generic parts available for some equipment, this change in legislation would force OEM companies to provide the needed diagnostics, tools, firmware and parts directly to these individuals.

There have already been bills and acts starting to move this new legislation into place, which could affect various industries, including technology, agriculture, and potentially foodservice.

How Will the “Right to Repair” Affect Commercial Foodservice Equipment Repair?

As a commercial foodservice equipment repair company, your primary concern may be whether or not this legislation would affect how you run your business.

As a company that focuses on repairing parts for your customer, restaurants being able to repair equipment on their own may have an impact on your business. However, this is where your position in your community comes in handy.

Although restaurant managers can repair foodservice equipment themselves, it doesn’t mean they will. In fact, the service you provide to these customers becomes more important with the “right to repair” scenario.

Restaurant managers already have a lot on their plate, and the last thing they want to worry about is their equipment malfunctioning or being out of service. That is where you, the commercial foodservice equipment repair technician, come into play. 

Your service is invaluable to the restaurant industry! You know your way around different pieces of equipment better than others. Additionally, by using OEM repair parts from Parts Town for your jobs, your customers have come to know and trust the work you do! 

Should a Repair Technician Business Be Worried?

Overall, it is safe to say that foodservice repair technicians will continue to be needed in the industry. Your ideal clients will pay for the quality work you do and the fact that you can provide them with the needed repairs in a timely, professional manner. Although the way replacement parts are distributed may change in the future, the best thing you can do as a repair technician is to continue providing quality service to your customers so they know they can rely on you in times of need.

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