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Crem ONYX Espresso Machine Troubleshooting

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The Crem ONYX and ONYX Pro espresso machines are the perfect addition to any restaurant, coffee shop or bar. But when something seems off you’ve got to fix it fast to avoid downtime. If you’re in this tight spot, then take a look at our Crem ONYX troubleshooting guide to figure out the problem quick.

Troubleshooting Machine Faults




Unit won’t start when turned on

  1. Plug isn’t connected to power OR is inserted improperly
  2. Circuit breaker and/or differential are disconnected
  3. Power cable and/or plug are damaged

  1. Check that unit is connected to power and that plug is in correctly
  2. Check that the differential and/or breaker are connected
  3. Contact authorized service agent

Steam wand doesn’t dispense steam

Steam wand is clogged

Clean the wand. If necessary, remove the nozzle and unclog it with a clean pin or needle

Water is forming under unit

Drainage tube is blocked

Clean drainage tube

Troubleshooting Brewing Faults




Coffee is dispensing too fast

Coffee grounds are too coarse

Use finer ground espresso

Coffee is dispensing too slowly

Coffee grounds are too fine

Use coarser ground espresso

Troubleshooting Limescale Faults




Coffee dispensing

Limescale buildup in heat

Contact authorized service agent

Brewing groups aren’t dispensing water

Limescale buildup in water system

Contact authorized service agent

Please contact a local factory authorized service agent who can help with this specific unit and all your commercial kitchen equipment needs.

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